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Beyond The Digital World with Bitcoin

Pay safely, with a decentralized, cheap, fast and free system … Do you know what cryptocurrency we are talking about? Do you know what are bitcoins? Do you want to invest in bitcoins? Would you like to buy bitcoin online?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency launched at the beginning of 2009, created by Satoshi Nakamoto, pseudonym of the creator or creators of this currency. To this day, it is a mystery who stands behind it. Bitcoin started out as an unknown but innovative currency and the most risky ones decided to invest in it. Now, it’s the best-known and used cryptocurrency in the world to the point that there are already hundreds of places that accept the currency as a means of payment. Nowadays you can buy with bitcoins from a pizza and furniture for your flat to a house, a car or a trip. You can get bitcoins, for example on BuyCoinNow, a trusted place to buy bitcoin, and then you can use them for whatever you want, for example as a mean of payment or for investing, you decide!

The Bitcoin is special

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created with the peer to peer system (part of the operation of Blockchain). What’s more, it isn’t controlled by any intermediary as a bank or a company. This mean that it is fully managed by users having a great privacity.

The price of the cryptocurrency varies, since it’s based on supply and demand. For example, at the time of writing the article, one bitcoin is worth 8,734.41 dollars, which is almost 8,000 euros.

It’s also interesting because the maximum number of coins that can be created, is defined. The fixed limit is 21 million coins. Will it be achieved? Experts estimate that it can be reached between 2030 and 2040. At the moment, every day there are new investors, and every day new transactions are made. It’s impossible to stop that!

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