The future in FuturoCoin. -

The ‘future’ in ‘FuturoCoin’

Like every big brand, FuturoCoin’s name is very important. Every cryptocurrency needs to have something to be remembered and recognized by. Why FuturoCoin is called FuturoCoin?

A little bit of history

FuturoCoin (FTO) has been created a little over a year ago. It came to life in January 2018 and in the relatively short time that it has been on the market, it has already managed to start a little revolution. It is engaged in projects like FuturoCoin Academy (an education platform about the cryptocurrency technology) or very interesting partnerships, the most important being obviously with the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula One team. Such big achievements call for wide appreciation. But the most important part about FuturoCoin is always the future.

The idea behind it

First, we should remind the initial idea behind FuturoCoin is to move on and talk about its future. FTO was always supposed to be ‘money for people’. It means that the cryptocurrency was created to meet the needs of everyone and to be used for daily purchases. And it basically has been doing it since the very beginning. People can store FTO in three comfortable wallets, trade on many cryptocurrency exchanges and pay with it for food or coffee in FTO restaurants.

The innovative journey

Now it’s time to put together every part of FuturoCoin that we know of. Being a pioneer and becoming the first ever cryptocurrency to partner with a Formula One team has literally been ahead of the time. Also, the dream about cryptocurrencies becoming widely accepted all around the world is something we hope the future might hold. Enabling people to pay with crypto in the offline world is not new today, but still, it isn’t very popular yet. FuturoCoin is definitely paving the way for future generations.

The coin of the future

Given all of the things that FuturoCoin does, it is understandable why the creators have chosen such a name. FuturoCoin, the coin of the future. This choice has automatically become the destiny of FuturoCoin. It is bound to become one of the most innovative cryptos in history, and after all that has been achieved in just one year, no one doubts it.

Looking forward

For FuturoCoin, plans are always the most important. The team is always looking for inspirations to start new projects and launch new products. “I can promise that you will be very surprised in the next few months with the development of FuturoCoin”, says Paulina Woźniak, The CEO FuturoCoin OU. And we all indeed cannot wait.

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