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Where online meets offline – a coffee place powered by FuturoCoin

In today’s world, most aspects of life are slowly moving to the online sphere. It’s a worldwide trend. But, unlike many others, FuturoCoin remembers to create  a connection between the two – online and offline – realities.

The change that is happening

We are all happy and proud to state that we live in a modern, highly developed world, where almost everything is virtual. Virtual friends, virtual money, even virtual reality. And it’s good, because it’s progress. That’s how life is supposed to be. We had an industrial revolution, then the electricity transformation, and finally the scientific and technical development process. Now it’s time for Industry 4.0.

Everything becomes highly automised and digitalised. Cryptocurrencies obviously fit very well into that trend. But sometimes, we miss the possibility to do something “in real life”, outside of the Internet. It’s important to use the technology to your advantage and improve some things, rather than completely changing them.

Following the dream

FuturoCoin (FTO), a one-year-old innovative cryptocurrency, is building a bridge between the online and offline world. The idea behind this crypto was, to create virtual money that people will be able to use in daily purchases, outside the Internet as well. And just after a year of its launch, FuturoCoin achieved that. How was it possible? Let’s see!

Pay for your coffee with FTO

The first attempt to leave the virtual space and move to the real world was the FutureNet Cafe. It’s a coffee place that offers a possibility of cryptocurrency payments. The clients are able to buy coffee, tea or other beverages, as well as various dishes, and pay for them with FuturoCoins! The cafe is located in the heart of the city, near the beautiful main market. It was opened just a few months after the launch of the cryptocurrency in January, and it attracted a lot of attention.

Not long after the opening of FutureNet Cafe, FuturoCoin’s team prepared another great surprise. In October, the second FTO-powered restaurant launched in Warsaw. In both of these places, FuturoCoin provided the clients with ATM machines. They make it possible to transfer FuturoCoins into the virtual wallets of the clients easily  and allow them to make a purchase of their choosing.

Young but progressive

Now, there are already two places where you can pay with FTO for your foods and drinks. Both of them were opened during the first year of the cryptocurrency’s existence. We are all waiting to see what else FuturoCoin has in store for us!

You can find the cafe on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/futurenetcafeWROCLAW/

Also, visit the website to check out the menu and find something for yourself: https://futurenetrestaurants.com/

Also, check out FuturoCoin’s social media to be up-to-date:FuturoCoin / Twitter / Telegram / Reddit / YouTube