FuturoCoin and Red Bull: why does it matter?

On February 5th, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, a Formula One organization, attracted a new sponsor. FuturoCoin, a cryptocurrency from Europe, has become the official partner of the F1 team.

This is a historic moment both for the cryptocurrency industry and sports sponsorship.

It all started with a simple connection. What is the primary characteristic of cryptocurrencies? They are the money of the future. They are visionary and always ahead of the time. Also, digital assets are usually very quick. At least, FuturoCoin is. What other industry shares those qualities? Formula One.

Back in the day and today

F1 was created in 1950. FIA (International Automobile Federation) brought to life a competition, which today is the biggest motorsports contest in the world. Since its inaugural season, the FIA Formula One World Championship has been one of the premier forms of racing around the world. Sports enthusiasts loved the competition from the beginning and showed up around circuits to support their idols.

Why is it important? Just because Formula One has evolved into the biggest event worldwide. Every week, F1 gathers millions of viewers in front of the television. Sports fans from all around the world share emotions, passion, and intensity from the queen of motorsports.

FuturoCoin: to become the best

It has been almost two months since FuturoCoin signed the deal with Red Bull Racing. FTO was created to conquer the crypto industry. It is a fast, safe, easy to access, and transparent digital coin.

Lately, FuturoCoin celebrated its first birthday. It is not even half of the year, but the team behind the coin organized FuturoCoin Conference, one of the best events in the crypto world in 2019. FTO people have always tried to become the best in what they do. That approach helped them to become what they are now: one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the world.

The uncommon cooperation

Now, FuturoCoin did something even bigger. It shocked the whole industry by signing the sponsorship deal with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. Any other digital coin hasn’t even tried to do that. However, FTO has only looked forward and didn’t compare to others. The cryptocurrency entered the world previously unavailable for virtual money.

That is why this cooperation is so unique. The marriage of the two industries has happened. Although now the partnership seems so obvious because these two worlds share similar qualities: speed, being ahead of time, and futuristic thinking. Before the news about FTO F1 partnership, nobody even thought that kind of a deal would be possible. The FuturoCoin team didn’t think, they put their hands to work to make the sponsorship.

Still, we don’t know, what the benefits will be. Experts suggest that FTO can’t lose on that deal, because the media exposure and profits will be much more significant than costs. We will see if that is the truth after some time. Right now, we know that FuturoCoin, by taking action, made once again history. There won’t ever be another first. That is why this sponsorship matters.

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