How much is FuturoCoin worth?

How much is FuturoCoin worth?

There is no cryptocurrency that maintains the same price level – the change is inevitable. But some coins are more stable than others. Why is that? How does it happen?

Different coins for different  purposes

It is common knowledge, that cryptocurrency prices change over time. These fluctuations keep the whole industry going – they are the ground the exchanges work on. Usually, it’s very interesting to watch the prices changes on charts, to follow the news and see it happen. But that depends on the kind of the cryptocurrency and what we want to use it for.

For example, some people buy Bitcoin as an investment, to earn money. Others are interested in cryptocurrencies in a different way – they like to follow the price fluctuations and rankings for fun and for adrenaline, they’re traders. But some people just want to use a cryptocurrency as a simple means of payment, for everyday purchases. These people aren’t really into checking the charts every morning to see, if they lost or gained. They simply want to make a quick transaction and buy something they need at the moment.

FuturoCoin as a stable mean of payment

FuturoCoin (FTO) has always kept its price level at around 9-10 US dollars, with one exception, when it was worth 17,60 US dollars last June. Why is that? FuturoCoin is quite a young cryptocurrency, just one year old. It is obviously a shorter amount of time  for any rapid changes than many other cryptocurrencies had. But also, FuturoCoin was created as money for ordinary people. It’s important for them to make quick online payments in an easy way, and also pay in the real-life world, for example FutureNet Cafe. It’s a completely different purpose than many other digital currencies have.

Chart tells everything

Over time, there obviously have been some fluctuations on the FuturoCoin price chart, which you can see below.


But again, FTO kept its price level almost still, when other cryptocurrencies, even as big as Bitcoin, massively dropped. The changes were never bigger than just a couple of dollars, which speaks well about FuturoCoin’s stability and reliability. Not many coins can be described this way, unfortunately.

Right now (5th February 2019), FuturoCoin is worth almost 5 US dollars and it’s quite low – but let’s remember, other cryptocurrencies have dropped recently even by 70%. FTO was one of the few that remained on a good, stable level throughout the massive market decrease.

We mentioned that FuturoCoin is for “normal people” and that its main purpose is to be used for daily purchases. But obviously, trading is also a good option for FTO holders, thanks to its stable nature.