Paulina Woźniak - Get to know - CEO of FTO

Paulina Woźniak – Get To Know The CEO of FuturoCoin!

You have probably heard about FuturoCoin (and if haven’t, then you should definitely look it up!) but you may still not know much about people who work there.

In a recent FuturoCoin Q&A, you had a chance to listen to Paulina Woźniak, the company’s CEO, answer your questions. Now, you can read even more about her!

Who makes FuturoCoin?

We all know about FuturoCoin – the new, innovative cryptocurrency that has gained massive popularity within less than a year since its launch in January 2018. But who stands behind this success? It’s certain that such a special project needs a lot of skillful people to make it thrive. And today we get a chance to get to know one of these people a little better.

The first Q&A

Paulina Woźniak is the CEO of FuturoCoin. She’s the heart of the company and an irreplaceable member of the team. That’s why she took part in FuturoCoin’s first ever livestream Q&A on Facebook where she answered some of your most asked questions. The main goal of the stream was to introduce Paulina Woźniak and let the community know her a little better, as well as satisfy your curiosity. In the course of the livestream, Paulina explained how FuturoCoin can be used in everyday life. She also described other functionalities of the coin and presented the wallets to store FTO in.

Get to know Paulina Woźniak

But who really is Paulina? Why did she become a CEO of one of the most interesting cryptocurrency projects in the recent years? Let us introduce her to you. Paulina Woźniak has gained economic, marketing and business education at various academies in Poland and is currently studying to get a PhD degree in economics. She knows a lot about the finance world and she was a perfect candidate for one of the most important position in FuturoCoin’s team.

Special company – special people

During the livestream, we were able to see both business and private sides of FuturoCoin’s CEO. She accurately explained important issues of the cryptocurrency that people who invest in it and use it in their lives were truly interested in. She highlighted that FTO is a currency for people, and that literally everyone can use it – for example in FutureNet Cafe in Wroclaw. But she also was just being herself. The livestream took place on a very significant day – her birthday. We got a chance to see a real-life Paulina, as her co-workers surprised her with birthday wishes and flowers. FuturoCoin is lucky to have such positive, professional and inspirational people behind their desks!