How to create a portal about cryptocurrency world

Hi, cryptomanicas! Like you, I have been interested in cryptocurrencies and mining for quite a while now. I also buy Bitcoins regularly. Recently, I’ve decided that I could really use a portal where I would be able to find news from cryptocurrency world. But I would also appreciate some kind of tips for everyone interested in the topic.
I thought that I would want to create a portal about cryptocurrency world. I have already written a couple of articles, so-called Bitcoin news and I think they came out pretty good. I want to extend the list of articles by some text about how to start your journey with cryptocurrencies, how to mine for it to be profitable and so on.
What do you think about it? I know that basically everyone here is interested in cryptocurrency news so I hope that someone will help me.

There already is a portal about cryptocurrency world and it’s thriving!

Hello! Like you, I’m interested in Bitcoin news and all things related to this topic, like tips from the cryptocurrency world. I regularly read latest news on digital money. And I always do that on the same website – It has been around for a while and I’m surprised you haven’t yet found it. You can find there everything what you need to know about cryptocurrencies. From very basic information what are cryptocurrencies to news from all around the world. I think I would give up on creating a whole new portal about cryptocurrency world. If you think that your texts are good, send them to people from the portal that I mentioned. I’ve seen that they are looking for someone to hire. Maybe they’re going to like your articles and you’ll be able to write for them.