PayCoiner – a progressive cryptocurrency payment gateway

Do you run a business online and are looking for a tool that will allow you to accept cryptocurrency payments? PayCoiner is the solution for you!

PayCoiner is an innovative cryptocurrency payment gateway. It’s working just like the traditional payment methods, but instead of using a normal currency, we use a digital one.

The cryptocurrency payment system is run by a company named Verified Solutions, which is operating in the cryptocurrency industry for a couple of years now.

What can the PayCoiner users expect?

The most important thing about the cryptocurrency payment gateway is how easy it is implement on the websiteDepending on our capabilities and needs, we can choose three different options. All we need to do is follow the instructions provided. If, however, we encounter a problem, the company offers us professional support.

Another thing the users will appreciate is the large number of cryptocurrencies available at PayCoiner. However, if we do not find cryptocurrencies that interest us among them, the creators are ready to implement them in a very short time.

What’s also worth mentioning is the low cost of using the cryptocurrency payment system. The cost equals only 0.45% of the transaction fee. Because some popular cryptocurrency exchange rates can change very quickly, the creators also made sure that users pay the fee at the beginning of the transaction, regardless of how long the transaction is.