FuturoCoin - get to know it

FuturoCoin – get to know it

If you are reading this sentence on our website, you probably already have some basic knowledge about FuturoCoin. You know what it is, but we want you to know more. Follow our journey through FuturoCoin’s short history.

Hello, FuturoCoin

First, let’s introduce it shortly once again. FuturoCoin is a young cryptocurrency on the market – it had its market debut at the beginning of 2018. Considering the fact that Bitcoin, the biggest and most known crypto, is already 10 years old, 9 months is not long for a digital currency. Yet, FuturoCoin has already managed to become very popular amongst crypto traders. It started gradually appearing on many well-known cryptocurrency exchanges alongside other popular cryptos, like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Some technical information

The official ticker symbol for FuturoCoin is FTO. The maximum supply of FuturoCoin has been set at 100,000,000 FTO.  Currently, there are around 35,000,000 FTOs in circulation. FuturoCoin’s blocks time is around 1 minute and the mining will take around 10 years. But mining is not the only way you can get a hold of FuturoCoin. Obviously, you can also trade it.

Being special

What’s definitely special about FuturoCoin is the fact, that it’s actually based on Dash, another worldwide popular cryptocurrency. Dash has already been 4 years on the market, which makes it the perfect base for the further development of other cryptocurrency solutions. By extending the Dash code, FuturoCoin has become its newborn younger sibling. FuturoCoin takes what’s best in Dash and adds some more innovative ideas on top of that. Speaking of innovations, FuturoCoin is using its own blockchain technology. Thanks to that, this digital currency is secured and transparent in its own special way. By designing a blockchain dedicated especially to FuturoCoin, the founders made sure that their cryptocurrency will be working based on the best, most suitable technology for it.

FuturoCoin’s structure

And last but not least, one of the most important features about FuturoCoin is the decentralization. What does that mean? To cut a long story short, it means that it doesn’t rely on any third parties. This solution removes the middleman from the equation. The transactions happen directly between users, without involving other institutions. This system is commonly called peer-to-peer (P2P).

To sum up, FuturoCoin is an up-and-coming digital payment solution that you may have heard about if you are interested in the cryptocurrency world. But we are sure even people who are not that involved will hear about it shortly.